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My Treatment Room

I feel very fortunate to practice in a beautiful tranquil space in my home-a room with a view.

Most people who enter the treatment room are immediately drawn to looking outside at the view over farmlands and trees towards Woodstock. People often say 'this is beautiful'.

The open space of the outside is reflected in the room, as it is a light and spacious room with large skylight windows, facing both East and West. At present the scene is very Spring-like, as recently the field behind the garden has been tilled. I enjoy the morning and evening bird song which has just started to accompany my treatments.

I am often aware of the hawthorn tree, and next to it the mature, majestic walnut tree in full view of the treatment room, giving us a harvest of health-giving walnuts in late summer.

Being able to work in such a beautiful, calm environment brings out the best in me as a practitioner. The abundance of wildlife- hawks, buzzards, garden birds, pheasants and partridge, and our resident squirrels help me to feel connected, reminding me of my place in the family of things.

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