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Your First Treatment

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Acupuncture begins with an in-depth consultation lasting approximately 1.5 hours. At the consultation, health concerns, including the history and treatment of any specific conditions, as well as overall health history will be noted and discussed. Diet, lifestyle and work, are all important and relevant in gaining an understanding of the person as a whole. If the person decides to go ahead with treatment an individual plan is drawn up, setting out the suggested frequency of treatments, with regular reviews to discuss progress. 


The Treatment

Each treatment last approximately 45 minutes. Exceptionally fine needles are inserted into carefully selected acupuncture points. The Acupuncturist will be able to give further details as to why these points are chosen for each individual. The sensation of the insertion of the needle is often described as a tingling or dull ache, this is momentary and mild. People can often feel pleasantly surprised by the feeling of deep relaxation during treatment.  


Frequently massage is used to increase the effectiveness of treatment and to enhance the experience of deep relaxation during treatment. 


Sometimes Moxa may be used. This is a smouldering herb that warms acupuncture points and enhances the beneficial effect of treatment. 


The Benefits

Acupuncture is considered to be widely beneficial for a range of symptoms resulting from illness; from clearly defined complaints or to improve general feelings of well-being and help with relaxation. People often say that following treatment they feel better in themselves, feeling re-vitalised and often feel they have a more positive outlook.


If you would like more information about acupuncture treatment for specific conditions please see The British Acupuncture Council's Research Fact Sheets

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