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Cupping therapy, as well as being a modern trend, is a safe traditional treatment that may help resolve chronic muscle tightness and pain faster than massage therapy alone. Cupping has become increasingly popular in recent years as part of pain management practices.

People have cupping to increase the blood flow to painful constricted areas, helping reduce pain and for relaxation and well-being. Cupping feels like massage.

I use ‘dry cupping’, in which glass cups of various sizes are placed on the skin for a few minutes to create suction. I also use ‘moving cupping’, in which massage oil is first applied to the painful area, then I slide the cups over the area to be treated. The sensation that is experienced is a pulling of the skin as the cup is moved. People say cupping feels like having a massage, and it can give a great sense of relief.

Benefits of cupping may include:

  • Pain reduction

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Activation of the immune system

  • Release of toxins

The strongest evidence for the benefits of cupping therapy is for the treatment of pain, particularly musculoskeletal pain, migraine, and tension headache.

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