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Qigong Classes

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Last month I set up a weekly beginners qigong exercise class in my acupuncture clinic. The idea came to me because two of my older clients had fallen and injured themselves because of poor balance. I decided to set up a class that would help prevent further falls.

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese exercise where gentle flowing movements and meditation are used with an emphasis on loosening and relaxing all the joints in the body and helping with healthy posture and balance. Most of the exercises are completed in a standing position with some work on healthy breathing and relaxation while sitting down.

Qigong is a mindful exercise, where people are encouraged to bring their awareness to their body, noticing the sensations as they move. With practice, the increased relaxation, flexibility, strength and body awareness that people can achieve bring many benefits to them.

The one hour classes are taught by Alan Baker. I first met Alan 23 years ago, when I was advised to learn qigong to help with a back injury. I found the classes hugely beneficial particularly with helping to improve my posture, which relieved the pain and tension around the injured area. Alan has been practising this self-help approach to health care for over 40 years

My clients are very happy with the classes.

“Alan helps us all feel at ease, so I do enjoy the classes”

“I like being part of a small exercise group, and it's such a lovely setting, it helps to get the most out of the classes”

“I can see how these classes can help improve my balance. I think they have already helped”

“Alan's sessions are relaxed and enjoyable. He gives a lot of useful information. He is very positive and patient, and inspires confidence.”

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