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I've completed my Toyohari course!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

I am very happy to have completed my training and am now a fully qualified Toyohari Japanese acupuncturist and will be a member of the UK branch of the Toyohari Association.

Toyohari (simply translates as East Asian Needle Therapy), is an extremely subtle acupuncture style, derived from classical Chinese medicine. It's gentle approach, which particularly emphasises touch, was developed in Japan where many acupuncturists are blind. Because of the importance of their sense of touch, there is much emphasis on the use of pulse and touch diagnosis. Toyohari practitioners use specialised needle techniques, unique to this acupuncture style. The treatment techniques include using silver, gold, or stainless steel needles, which often only lightly touch the skin without insertion making it gentle and relaxing.

The Toyohari Association has a policy of continual research and re-evaluation of its diagnostic and treatment methods. All members have a commitment to attending ongoing practical study groups and seminars, where they have an opportunity to refine their skills.

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