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Can Acupuncture Help Me?

If you have a health concern and are unsure if acupuncture can help, please contact me.

The following health concerns are frequently seen at the clinic:


Emotional issues:


Depression and mood changes

Stress, tension and excessive worries

Post-traumatic Stress and PTSD

Grief and loss

Insomnia and sleep disorders






Back pain


Neck pain

Frozen shoulder and shoulder pain

Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, and elbow pain

Knee pain

Hip pain


Sports injuries



Menopausal hot flushes

Period pain

Pre-menstrual syndrome


Fertility support


Cancer Support:

Cancer related fatigue.

Cancer pain

Peripheral neuropathy



Neurological Conditions:

Symptoms of stroke, help with stroke rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsonism, dementia.

Digestive Disorders:



Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


Other common conditions:

Long covid


Hay fever and allergies

Skin conditions

Frequent urinary tract infections


Some people come to the clinic because they feel generally unwell but have no obvious diagnosis. Some come as a preventative measure as they find it helps improve their quality of life. Many simply want to enhance their feeling of relaxation and return to acupuncture to maintain optimum health and well-being.


What happens in a treatment?

Acupuncture begins with an in-depth consultation lasting about one and a half hours. I will ask you about your health concerns, including the history of any specific conditions, as well as your overall health history. Aspects of your lifestyle such as diet and exercise may be relevant in order to build up a picture of you as a whole. The diagnosis also includes examination of your abdomen, your specific symptomatic areas, and feeling the pulses on your wrists.

I will then put together an individual treatment plan. Treatments generally take about 45 minutes. During the treatment you will be sitting or lying on a treatment couch. Your personal comfort is very important to me and for the effectiveness of treatment I will always do my best to ensure that you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

What does it feel like?

Many people who are afraid of needles are surprised to find they did not feel any pain during the treatment. I often use a 'contact needle' style of acupuncture where the person hardly feels the needle. When they are inserted, acupuncture needles are so fine that most people don't feel them. Most people feel deeply relaxed during the treatment.


Frequently massage is used to increase the effectiveness of treatment and to enhance the experience of deep relaxation during treatment.


Sometimes moxa will be used. This is a smouldering herb that warms acupuncture points and enhances the beneficial effects of treatment.  


Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is one of the safest medical treatments on offer in the UK. Two research studies conducted in 2011 and 2012 concluded that when conducted by properly trained acupuncturists, the risk of adverse eventsfrom acupuncture is extremely low.


How many sessions will I need?

The number and frequency of appointments will depend on the diagnosis and treatment plan agreed with you. Typically you will be seen weekly for the first three or four treatments and the plan will then be reviewed. It may take a few treatments before any change is felt, although occasionally people will feel better sooner.

Some people require long term treatments. Others decide to have regular maintenance treatments once their main complaint has been resolved, maybe once a month, or seasonally.

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