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Jill:  Neck and Back Pain


Maeve knows the way to solve problems that involve pain. I have visited her several times with neck and back pain. Each time she has adapted the treatment to suit the specific need and used different approaches- not keeping to a rigid plan. This has relieved my pain for stretches of time.


Her nursing experience is reassuring. I value her knowledge. She is kind, considerate, and generous with her time.

Patrick:  Long Covid


Suffering from Long Covid, I had suffered from a complex range of symptoms for many months. I was initially skeptical as to whether acupuncture could help, but after treatment I quickly found I got a break from the worst of my symptoms and had more energy again. Working with Maeve has been a hugely helpful part of my recovery.

Sheila:  Pain Relief


I cannot recommend Maeve enough. She is the most calm, skillful, knowledgeable and professional acupuncturist and I always feel marvellous after a treatment to relieve pain and stress.

Sarah: General Wellbeing


I chose Maeve because I moved to the area, having had regular acupuncture in the past for various issues. I am so glad I found her, because her treatments have restored my sense of balance after a stressful time, and strengthened me mentally and emotionally.

Sue:  Perimenopausal Symptoms


I can’t recommend Maeve highly enough. As a practitioner she is obviously very skilled, and she is also very warm and sensitive. My symptoms have much improved after a few treatments, and I feel much more in control of my own health and well being. The combination of Maeve’s de-stressing acupuncture treatment and gentle massage has helped me to drift off into deep relaxation - I had forgotten how good that feels!

Sue: Headaches


My daughter persuaded me to try acupuncture for headaches, which I have had for many years. I found Maeve through her website. My headaches are now completely gone. I am not sure how much this can be attributed to the acupuncture or the skillful massage that Maeve did on my extremely tense shoulders. I trust the combination of Maeve’s skills as an acupuncturist and her knowledge of mainstream medicine as a nurse. On one occasion she gave me advice to see my doctor, which was literally life saving. I have recommended her to friends who have seen her for treatments and are equally confident of her skills.

Pete: Bereavement


I was recommended to Maeve by a friend, following a sudden bereavement. Maeve is not only a very experienced and skillful acupuncturist, she is also one of the most compassionate people I have met. I felt a huge improvement in my mental well being after the first treatment. It is a relief to have someone to help with my stress levels and I continue to feel supported by her empathic listening and gentle treatments.

Alan: Exam Stress


I first visited Maeve for acupuncture before taking exams. I felt so much more calm and relaxed after the treatments, they really helped with overwhelming anxiety. It helped that Maeve’s clinic is such a calming space with lovely views of farmland and trees. Maeve is a good listener. It helped to talk through my worries. She also gave me information and insights that help my everyday life. I find I am stronger and more self confident with a more positive outlook for the future.

Jane: Anxiety, Depression and PTSD


I have been having regular and then occasional treatments with Maeve for a number of years. I first went for help with addictions and insomnia caused by anxiety and trauma. I also had seasonal bouts of depression in Winter. I had weekly treatments for a couple of months and now have a treatment every four to eight weeks, depending on the season. Maeve has helped me to notice patterns of thought that are unhelpful. She has guided me through learning mindfulness, helping me to release my struggle with difficult thoughts and feelings. I now have a sense of balance in my life that I never imagined having. I would definitely recommend Maeve’s treatments to anyone with anxiety, PTSD or depression.

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