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Balance Your Modern Life With Ancient Wisdom

The foundations of Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture were laid down over 2000 years ago. The values and beliefs of the physicians of the time continue to shape the practice of the system of medicine today. A central philosophy is that humans are an integral part of nature. The unity of the microcosm of human life and the macrocosm of nature was a guiding principle for understanding how people should conduct their lives and stay well.

Today, many traditional cultures around the world recognise that our internal rhythm reflects the ebb and flow of our external world, and their lives reflect the rhythms of the seasons.

• Spring is a time for birth and new growth, a time of sprouting. The energy we have been storing can now be used and enjoyed. With hope and vision we can plan the planting of crops or plan and start new projects.

• Summer is a time to be outside and enjoy the sun. A time of full bloom, when we can maximise work, exercise, openness and sharing.

• Late Summer-the harvest time. Oriental medicine saw this as a separate season. A time for centring and integration, to gather in and store the fruits of our labour.

• Autumn is a time to soften and draw our energy back in. Just as the trees are drawing in and letting go of their leaves, it is a time for us to let go of that which is no longer of any use to us, and to be clear about and contain that which is of value.

• Winter is a time of quiet and stillness, protecting our reserves of food and energy ready for the spring.

For most of us,these traditional patterns are gone, and we forge on through the seasons in spite of the changes. But our bodies have evolved and adapted to respond to our environment, including the seasonal changes, and ignoring them may affect our well being.

Five Elements Constitutional Acupuncturists look for patterns of disharmony, helping people's energy to adjust to the changes around them, both in nature and in their lives. The transition time between the seasons is a great time to have Five Element Acupuncture.

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